Potentially Compatible Side-load Trucks

truck pick up load
*Heil Side Load
*PendPac Ally Gator
*PendPac Sprinter
Amrep - HX450ASL
Labrie Expert (t) Side Loading
Labrie Automizer Side Loading
Lodal EVO T-28
Lodal EVO Fastrak 9
Mack TerraPro Low Entry
McNeilus AutoReach Automated
-Side Loader
McNeilus M/A Manual Automated
-Side Loader
Wayne Curbtender

Both the EZSTREET™160 & EZSTREET™195 have approx. 35" diameter at the pickup point of the cans. These can be easily grabbed by standard side-load arm grabbers, without modification and with no slippage.

*Known compatible trucks.

**Check with your truck manufacturer for compatibility depending upon model characteristics, arm weight restrictions and other specifications and/or modifications.

Other side-load trucks and models may also be compatible.