Key Advantages of the EZSTREET™160

The EZSTREET™160 & EZSTREET™195 are designed to fit that "in-between" size that has eluded the waste Curtis w lid openand recycling industry to this point. Where standard 32 - 64 & 96 gallon containers were just not adequate, but the much larger circular tubs in 200 - 300 and 450 gallon sizes were prone to breakage, were not moveable and required special adaption arms to side lift. And, are very 'hard' on the side grab arms requiring retrofitting, breakage and expensive down-time and repairs.

The EZSTREET™160 & EZSTREET™195 fit perfectly with ideal dimensions to fit standard side-loading trucks. They also have a big advantage over 1-yard, 1-1/2 yard and 2-yard metal dumpster's. The EZSTREET™160 & EZSTREET™195 are much easier to handle with standard side-load trucks, resulting in faster pick-up times, faster route speeds, fewer worker related 'stress' injuries, and our containers are easier to move with our ergonomically designed features. Our EZSTREET™160 & EZSTREET™195 come standard with 2 rear wheels and an optional 360° front full spin wheel.

Wow! The Grand Can-yon
These cans are Big!

*Field tested for over 4 years, and still in service!

Priced Right

Another important advantage is cost. Our EZSTREET™160 & EZSTREET™195 are competitively priced with larger tubs and much less than metal dumpsters. Many of our customers have also stated that they realize a savings in route fuel costs and truck maintenance costs as an added benefit.

All of these considerations combined, make the EZSTREET™160 & EZSTREET™195 a perfect fit at just the right time that companies are looking to reduce costs and maximize effeciency and their 'bottom-line'.

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